Rental Information

Several condominiums are available for rent throughout the year on a monthly basis. Owners may have additional rules or restrictions specific to their unit.


Here are Renter and Guest Rules:

  We strive to make our community enjoyable  for all. To that end, we have some basic rules:     
  All rentals are for one month or longer.     
  Casa Bonita II is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted in any common area, exept on our patios, located at the north and south ends of our building.     
  Renters are not permitted to bring pets.     
  There is no parking of watercraft on trailers on our property.     
  Bicycles may be stored in our bicycle racks.     
  No personal property is to be stored on community property or on the beach.     
  Pool rules, mandated by the County, are posted by the pool     

Let us know when you’re here

  When you arrive, please fill out a 3x5 registration card located in the Social Room and post in the appropriate slot.    

Enjoy the beautiful beach and pool….by following these few rules you can have a safe and wonderful holiday while preserving it for future use

  Do not walk through the sea grass on the beach. Sea grass and all other plants are there to protect the beach from erosion and must not be disrupted by any kind of activity.     
  Always use the faucet/showers located at each end of the building to remove sand from feet, chairs, and other items when returning from the beach.      
  Please do not move the chairs that are at both ends of the building and poolside to the beach.    
  Please do not drip water on the sidewalks, corridors, steps or in the elevators as it makes the surfaces slippery and dangerous.     

Help keep our building and grounds safe, clean, and beautiful

  Recycle bins are in the dumpster garages at each end of the building. Please note the labels on lids before placing recyclables in bins.    
  Non-recyclable trash must be placed in plastic bags and tied before disposal down trash chutes. Trash chutes are located around the corner from the elevators on each floor.    
  Do not place any items in the corridors outside units or lockers that would impede walkways.    
  Do not store any items in the trash chute rooms. (Fire Code)    
  Turn off the master water valve in your laundry room when leaving for more than a day.     

Be good neighbors

  If smoking is allowed in your condo, please be aware that smoke on the lanai drifts upward to the units nearby.    
  Please keep common area doors and gates locked at all times.     
  Be aware that sound carries, and when possible, do not do laundry, use trash chutes, have TVs/radios turned too loud, talk loudly or talk on cell phones outside your neighbor’s unit after 10:30 p.m.